Our dental office also offers teeth whitening. The above-mentioned treatment is performed using two methods:

  • regenerative  teeth whitening with the PREVDENT system using LED lamp
  • and whitening using overlays.
Whitening with LED lamp

The PREVDENT system is a technology that allows for regenerative teeth whitening during one visit in the dentist’s office. This is an effective and safe way to improve the aesthetics of your smile. The PREVDENT system whitens teeth and at the same time has a beneficial effect on the enamel, thanks to the nano-hydroxyapatite contained in the composition, which remineralizes the enamel and minimizes painful tooth hypersensitivity during whitening.

The procedure involves applying a special gel to the teeth that is activated by LED light. The gel contains hydrogen peroxide, which penetrates the structure of the enamel and brightens the teeth.

The whole process takes two hours. Whitening with the PREVDENT system guarantees immediate results. It is possible to lighten your teeth by several shades. However, it is worth remembering that the effect is not permanent, regular check-ups and tooth cleaning procedures (hygienization) are necessary. A white diet plays an important role, especially avoiding products that can discolor the enamel.

Overlay whitening

Another popular method of teeth whitening is the Opalescence overlay method. In this case, the patient receives specially prepared overlays from the dentist, which he fills with a special whitening gel at home. The overlays should be worn for a specific period of time – every day, preferably at night.

Whitening trays are easy to use and comfortable for patients. The entire whitening process takes 10-14 days. Follow-up visits are necessary, during which the dentist verifies whether the whitening process is proceeding properly. Even though the overlay method is less intensive and takes longer, it also provides very good results. As with the in-office method, it is important to maintain oral hygiene and avoid products that discolor the enamel.

The choice of teeth whitening method depends on many factors, including individual preferences, the health of the teeth and oral cavity, as well as the expected end result. A healthy, snow-white smile means better overall health, but also an attractive appearance and greater self-confidence. Patients are increasingly choosing tooth whitening treatments. However, it should be remembered that teeth whitening is a process that requires not only aesthetic awareness, but also responsibility and care for oral health.

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