Pediatric dentistry

dziecko u dentysty

At NovumDent Dental Clinic, we also take care of the youngest patients.

We offer a range of services:

  • Adaptation visit ( very important before starting the actual treatment)
  • prevention of caries of deciduous and permanent teeth in children
  • root canal treatment of deciduous and permanent teeth in children
  • removal of deciduous teeth


We also teach toddlers and older children how they can take care of healthy teeth.


When should you take your child to the dentist?

The first visit to the dentist should take place as soon as possible, preferably before the child turns 1 year old.

First, it is worth making an appointment for your child at NovumDent Dental Clinic for a so-called adaptation visit. During it, the child will be able to get used to the dentist’s office, see the equipment and meet dentists. It should be emphasized that an adaptation visit does not usually include medical procedures.

It is good if a child’s first contact with a dentist evokes only positive associations. As with any adult patient, a child’s teeth should be examined regularly, approximately every 4 months. This is because the surface of baby teeth is much more irregular than that of permanent teeth, and the enamel is twice as thin. Baby teeth are therefore more susceptible to caries and the development of other diseases. Unfortunately, dental caries is a contagious bacterial disease. If left untreated, it usually spreads to permanent teeth.

Thanks to regular visits to the dentist’s office, children can also avoid invasive dental procedures, such as root canal treatment of milk or permanent teeth.

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