Dental implants

Dental implants are a chance for a beautiful smile.

Qualified specialists, modern solutions and world-class systems of renowned implant companies used at NovumDent Dental Clinic allow us to replace missing teeth in a natural and invisible way.

Implant placement usually takes as long as standard dental treatment, about 45 minutes, and the post-procedure sensation is not uncomfortable.

If a single tooth is missing or multiple cavities are present, the best solution is to install an implant. Thanks to this, patients can enjoy a beautiful smile and comfort while eating meals. A dental implant is a substitute for a natural root and looks like a small screw. High-quality titanium is used for its construction, which does not react with food and is very well tolerated by the human body. A prosthetic crown, i.e. an artificial tooth that fully resembles a natural tooth, is placed on the inserted implant. During the healing period, a temporary prosthetic restoration is used to replace the missing teeth. Why is it worth choosing implants? Implants prevent the gradual deterioration of bones and, as a result, their loss. An implant with        a prosthetic crown imitates the action of a permanent tooth and tooth roots and naturally rehabilitates the masticatory system, improving well-being and increasing the quality of life.

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