Root canal (endodontic) treatment involves treating diseased tooth tissue that has developed as a result of deep decay, infection or severe trauma to the tooth.

Root canal treatment at NovumDent Dental Clinic is precise and comfortable thanks to the use of modern techniques and tools, ie:

  • treatment under microscope magnification,
  • digital radiovisiography,
  • Painless Quicksleeper computer anesthesia,
  • 3D image analysis,
  • endometer,
  • endodontic microslinic,
  • canal tools from reputable companies.


This offers the possibility of very precise treatment.

We also specialize in treating complicated cases, t.e. curved canals, removal of broken instruments or treatment through prosthetic crowns.

Endodontic (root canal) treatment – ​​when is it performed?

Endodontic treatment is usually performed for two reasons. In many cases, it is the result of long-untreated caries. Caries lesions first affect the dentin and then reach the chamber and canals filled with vascularized pulp. Inflammation occurs, followed by very severe and increasing pain and hypersensitivity to heat and cold. There may even be swelling. In such a situation, endodontic treatment, commonly known as root canal treatment, should be performed.

Endodontic treatment is very often an alternative to tooth extraction in the event of a crack or fracture, the development of anaerobic bacteria, or advanced inflammation of the tissues surrounding the tooth root.

At NovumDent Dental Clinic, we perform root canal treatment on both adults and children. This treatment is performed with the highest precision and using modern techniques, i.e.: world-class Zeiss operating microscope, digital radiovisiography, machine filling of canals, endometer, painless Quicksleeper computer anesthesia. The procedure is performed in a rubber dam, ensuring safety and comfort during treatment.

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