Digital X-ray diagnostics

Digital X-ray diagnostics – what is it?

Digital X-ray diagnostics, as a modern form of diagnostic imaging, is an important element of modern dentistry. Through the use of digital technologies, we are able to analyze thoroughly performed tests, which help us understand the causes of health problems and thus allow us to plan effective treatment.

Digital X-ray diagnostics is performed using a modern digital camera. It differs from traditional X-ray diagnostics in that the images are stored and processed digitally, which ensures greater precision. In addition, digital X-ray diagnostics emits a much lower dose of radiation compared to traditional techniques, which is a big advantage for patients in terms of safety.

Digital X-ray diagnostics – when is it performed?

Digital X-ray diagnostics is used in many situations in dentistry. It is performed when the dentist needs to identify and evaluate problems that are not visible during a routine dental examination. This is particularly useful in diagnosing cavities hidden under fillings or between teeth, identifying tooth root infections, assessing the health of the jawbone, planning for dental implants, and in cases of injuries and other problems affecting the structure of the teeth and jaw.

We have specialized X-ray machines that improve diagnostics and the dental treatment process.

We cooperate with a renowned computed tomography laboratory that enables highly specialized diagnostics.

Specialists at NovumDent Dental Clinic have extensive experience in analyzing digital X-ray diagnostics.

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