Cosmetic dentistry and prosthodontics

Aesthetic dentistry and prosthetics

A beautiful and healthy smile is something many of us dream of. Very often it also adds courage and self-confidence.

Until recently, aesthetic dentistry was associated only with prosthetics, but today there are many solutions that can help you improve the appearance of your teeth and achieve the so-called Hollywood Smile. At NovumDent Dental Clinic, we use many modern methods to improve the shape, appearance and color of teeth.

We offer our patients the following treatments:

  • composite veneers  (tooth bonding)–  the least invasive and painless method of tooth reconstruction with composite material, the before and after effect is visible immediately, during the same visit.
  • porcelain veneers – a thin porcelain plate that is glued to a healthy tooth. Improves the shape of teeth and their appearance,
  • all-ceramic crown – the crown is made entirely of ceramics, it transmits and reflects light. It gives the effect of fully natural teeth.


Our offer also includes the production of permanent restorations:

  • implant with crown and bridge,
  • all-ceramic bridge.

and removable restorations:

  • complete denture (standard or on implants),
  • partial denture (clamped and claspless).


We provide our patients with comfortable aesthetic and prosthetic treatment, improving not only the appearance of their teeth, but also restoring proper chewing function through comprehensive dental treatment.

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