Conservative dentistry


Conservative dentistry, also known as general dentistry, is the basic branch of dentistry that deals with the prevention and treatment of diseases of the oral cavity, teeth and periodontium.

The goal of conservative dentistry is to maintain the best possible oral health and high dental aesthetics.

Conservative dentistry treatments

Conservative dentistry includes, among others:

  • check-ups,
  • inspection and examination of teeth oral hygiene instruction scaling,
  • sandblasting, polishing, fluoridation
  • treatment of carious lesions
  • reconstruction of tooth tissues with light-cured composite materials
  • endodontic treatment, also known as root canal treatment
  • treatment of hypersensitivity.


Dental inspections and examinations, hygiene treatments, ongoing treatment of cavities combined with proper daily oral hygiene are the path to a healthy smile. This reduces the risk of requiring more invasive treatment or tooth extraction. 

In our dental office, we provide assistance in the field of conservative dentistry as well as other areas of dentistry.

We make sure that each patient feels comfortable, receives detailed, understandable information about their oral health and receives the best comprehensive care possible.


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